Our Mission:

The mission of Gemstone Foods, LLC is to provide the value-added food service and wholesale poultry market      with products that exceed our customers’ expectations.  Using the collective poultry experience of our management, we are dedicated to earning the trust of our customers by adhering to strenuous federal and local food and worker safety standards.  We also strive to become a premier employer in the community, enriching the local families of our workers, owners, and business partners.


Job Summary

Primarily responsible for overseeing and managing electrical systems within the manufacturing environment including programming, designing, testing, and simulating automated machinery, and processes.


  Responsibilities and Duties:

·         Knowledgeable and Technical understanding in Industrial Maintenance,

·         Flexibility, Supervision, Job Knowledge, Productivity

·         Must be able to do all responsibilities of Maintenance Technician I and II.

·         Under minimal guidance, manage the day-to-day work of the electrical systems including scheduling repairs and preventive and predictive maintenance for manufacturing equipment

·         Design PLC Control systems on machinery, and update processes to increase productivity including programming, testing and performing simulations prior to implementation

·         Troubleshoot electrical issues assisting technicians to determine root cause and develop a permanent fix and implement plan for reoccurring issues

·         Oversee electrical projects, electrical performance, skill development and training to ensure equipment is kept in top working condition

·         Adhere to safe work practices, policies and procedures, maintain sanitary conditions to ensure product quality; report any conditions or practice that may adversely affect food safety, food quality and/or personnel safety

·         Work in compliance with all company policies, local, state and federal policies, laws and regulations

·         All other duties as assigned


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

·         Associates degree in electrical engineering or related field preferred.

·         High School diploma or equivalent.

·         Minimum ten (10) years’ relevant experience in an industrial environment surrounding automation, electrical programming, assembly, installation and diagnosis of industrial instrumentation and control systems.  Experience in food manufacturing industry preferred, poultry industry experience a plus

·         Experience in programming PLC’s and HMI’s

·         Knowledge of the National Electric Code (NEC)

·         Ability to read and interpret repair manuals, diagrams, and schematics

·         Detail oriented with the ability to interact with all levels of the organization through highly effective verbal and written communication

·         Ability to closely follow established procedures

·         Ability to work unsupervised and self-motivated

·         Ability to work nights, weekends, holidays, and extended shift hours as needed

·         Sound work ethic, honesty, and moral character

·         Must be able to speak, read, write, and comprehend English.

·         Must be able to work overtime, including Saturday or Sunday if needed.

·         Basic computer skills required.

·         Willingness to consider the advice and opinions of others.

·         Ability to meet deadlines.

·         Ability to maintain regular, punctual attendance consistent with the company policy.

·         Must be able to keep up with production and specific orders.

·         Must be able to handle a quick and steady pace.

·         Ability to multitask.

·         Ability to think ahead to the next production order.


Physical Requirements:

·         Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time on a hard surface.

·         Must be able to talk, listen and speak clearly when receiving or giving orders.

·         Must be able to continuously work on a repetitive task with few breaks.

·         Must be able to work on a fast pace and high-speed work environment.

·         Must be able to handle a repetitive movement of the waist, shoulder, wrist, or back.

·         Must be able to handle lifting and pushing frequently motions at the waist, shoulder, wrist, or back.

·         Must be able to handle constantly twisting and turning motions at the waist, shoulder, wrist, or back.

·         Must be able to handle reaching and pulling motions of the waist, shoulder, wrist, or back.

·         Must be able to tolerate physical exposure to cold, hot, damp or noisy environment (40-55 degrees).

·         Frequently uses visual skills to inspect equipment, machinery, and facilities.

·         Frequently climbs stairs and ladders.


Safety Requirements:

·         Must wear required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

·         Work boots should be steel or composite toed.

·         Must be able to heavy lift up to 70lbs.