Gemstone shipping supervisor position includes the following responsibilities:

  • Will be responsible for keeping up with the attendance of each employee and tracking their points and absence and Tardis.
  • Is responsible for making sure all loaders are loading trucks correctly and all load paperwork is filled out correctly and neatly. He is responsible for making sure it is loaded on the correct trailer as well as the correct product is being loaded and on the correct P.O. number.
  • Is responsible for making sure all employees are keeping their work space clean and hazard free. Also is to make sure all employees are using their GMP’s and wearing them correctly. Must ensure that no smocks or hair/beard nets are being worn in bathrooms or outside areas. Frequently check to make sure all employees are wearing orange safety vest while using equipment or outside on the yard.
  • Is responsible for making sure all loads in or out are out of the door in a timely matter. If for some reason they are not, he/ she must notify upper management of the reason for the delay so that the information can be shared with the customer.
  • Is responsible for all disciplinary action for his/her employees. This includes but not limited to all write up warnings, verbal warnings, suspensions, and terminations. Always consult with Human Resources prior to the termination of an employee so all options can be discussed.
  • They along with the department group leader will be responsible for monitoring new employees training and progress as well as pay raises for experience and length of time here. Remember the raises are based on your judgment of a employee’s capability so before you can judge anyone’s performance you must first know yourself all of Gemstone foods policies and procedures and inforce them daily.
  • Is responsible for making any finished truck B.O.L and scanning the bill to email to the correct people. Also will be responsible for keeping an accurate inventory of supplies and product. All bills must be reviewed and signed by YOU. No in or outbound load is to leave without being check paperwork, seal, and outgoing temp by the supervisor. If you will be out, you will need to have your lead man of your department trained to do this in your place.
  • Is responsible for coordinating with production management on what loads will need to be loaded first and what meat source they will need for the day. You will also be responsible for disposing of trash and yard sanitation. Shipping is responsible for the initial set up of production supplies such as ice, co2, breast meat, boxes, liners, combos, pallets. This is to be done every day without exception during the 30 minutes of time that each shift over laps. For example, on second shift you will work from 2:00pm to 10:30pm with a 30 minute lunch. Between 2:00pm and 2:30pm dayshift will continue loading or unloading trucks. During this time your shift will set up all items needed mentioned above and be done by no later than 2:45pm and ready to pick up where dayshift left off. We can’t keep trucks in the door for an excessive amount of time but we also can’t let production run out of product either. Keeping up with their current supply levels as well as coordinating which trucks you have in the door will help prevent issues in this area.
  • Any other duties assigned by the Management

You as a supervisor will be held overall responsible for yourself and the actions in your department and employees. Good training and regular meetings and reminders help you make a crew that will make not only yourself, your employees, your department shine but the company as well. You are not in this alone production and shipping department working together for the same common goal. If a management member of production sees an issue with your department they will address it and let you know the situation. You as a supervisor should do the same if you see anything in a production area that needs attention, don’t just ignore it but make sure you handle it in a way that you would want someone else to handle it if it was one of your employees.

You are responsible for making sure all your employees have the same sense of pride in their duties as you do and everything will run more smoothly. If you have a employee no matter how good at their job they are or how fast that is disruptive to the work flow you are trying to achieve it needs to be dealt with in a matter consistent with Gemstone policies.