Gemstone Shipping Clerk position includes the following responsibilities:

  • Is responsible for making sure all loaders are loading trucks correctly and all load paperwork is filled out correctly and neatly. He/ She is responsible for making sure it is loaded on the correct trailer as well as the correct product is being loaded and on the correct P.O. number.
  • Is responsible for making sure all loads in or out are out of the door in a timely matter. If for some reason they are not, he/ she must notify upper management of the reason for the delay so that the information can be shared with the customer.
  • Is responsible for making any finished truck B.O.L and scanning the bill to email to the correct people. Also, will be responsible for keeping an accurate inventory of supplies and product. All bills must be reviewed and signed by YOU. No in or outbound load is to leave without being check paperwork, seal, and outgoing temp by the supervisor. If you will be out, you will need to have your lead man of your department trained to do this in your place.
  • Is responsible for coordinating with production management on what loads will need to be loaded first and what meat source they will need for the day.
  • Bilingual is desirable, must be able to lift 60 lbs., be able to drive a pallet jack, and work with Word Windows.
  • Any other duties assigned by the Management