OUR STORYdiamond

Gemstone Foods is a custom protein processor and supplier with plant operations in Decatur,
Alabama and Florence, Alabama and a sales office in Flowood, Mississippi. At Gemstone
Foods, we seek to continually exceed our customer, producer, and supplier
expectations with premium quality products and services. Ultimately, we aim to be the best in
the industry.

We know that our mission is not realized until it is recognized as the primary reason each of our
customers chooses to work with us. Our current and long-term commitment to the industry,
our customers, and our associates is made possible through our collective experience and our
belief in the importance of honesty, integrity, reliability, long-standing relationships, and trust.

Our sincere promise is that we will continually exceed your expectations, and we are excited to
help our stakeholders achieve their goals.


Our process leads to higher quality products.

Thanks to our flexible capabilities, we can offer you custom products, services, and packaging according to your exact specifications. As your company grows, we will scale our operations to achieve the quantity and quality you need to better serve your customers.

We are unwavering in our commitment to customer service.

Because our goal is to exceed your expectations, we provide the highest level of service with every interaction. No matter what you need, we will do everything in our power to help you reach your company’s goals.

We care deeply about our communities.

Gemstone Foods has built a reputation for being a good citizen in the communities where we operate, and we proudly support our local associates’ long-term career goals.


We are highly committed to complying with the top food safety and quality
certifications in the industry.

The U.S. Poultry & Egg Association is the world’s largest and most active poultry organization. We represent the entire industry as an “All Feather” association. Membership includes producers and processors of broilers, turkeys, ducks, eggs, and breeding stock, as well as allied companies. Formed in 1947, the association has affiliations in 27 states and member companies worldwide.

AMS provides certification of meat and poultry carcasses for a number of marketing programs that make claims concerning breed and carcass characteristics. These characteristics go beyond the requirements for official USDA grades. Certification is often the basis for approval of meat and poultry product labels making a variety of marketing claims. The carcass certification programs vary widely in the level of claims for “quality”, in order to provide program originators and purchasers of certified products with the best service.

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is a product and process certification standard known for compliance to industry best practices. BRC certification is an internationally recognized mark of food safety and quality. Certification is achieved by undertaking a third-party audit against Standard requirements by an accredited certification body (CB). BRC rates CBs on their technical performance and efficiency in customer service. Both FoodChain ID Certification in the UK and America are highly-rated CBs providing accredited BRC certification globally.

The USDA Process Verified Program is a verification service that offers applicants a unique way to market their products to customers using clearly defined, implemented and transparent process points. An applicant’s program may include one or more agricultural processes or portions of processes where self-described process points are (1) supported by a documented management system, and (2) independently verified by a qualified AMS auditor.

Decatur, Alabama

Our Decatur plant operations are focused on producing fresh poultry products such as breasts, tenderloins, nuggets, and strips. Our fresh products are professionally hand-sized to meet stringent specifications, including size, shape and weight. The production process produces a sellable byproduct labeled as “trim,” which consists of either breast or tenderloin protein.


641 Holly Street NE
Decatur, AL 35601

805 McEntire Lane NW
Decatur, Alabama 35601

Florence, Alabama

Our state-of-the-art Florence facility is unique for an independent processor.  We offer debone services with X-ray and metal detection, marination, and hand-sizing at Florence, either as tolling or merchant business. We also have on-site Individually Quick Frozen spiral freezers. Fresh and frozen packaging options including sealed and zippered bags as well as numerous box sizes.  Plans are to further build out this 240,000+ square foot facility to increase capacity and provide additional value-added services.


700 South Wood Avenue
Florence, AL 35630