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At Gemstone, we take great pride in consistently offering high-quality poultry
products and solutions to our customers. Our flexible solutions include:

chicken deboning service


Our approach to de-boning meat ensures you
receive consistent, quality poultry products.

  • Scalable Processes to Meet Demand

    We currently operate an automatic Marel Front Half Filleting (FHF) system as well as four front-half hand-debone cone lines that allows us to meet demand. We also have whole leg and thigh debone capabilities.

  • X-ray Bone Detection and Manual Inspections

    Before packaging, each piece of breast meat is passed through an x-ray machine and tenders are visually inspected on a lighted belt to check once more that the product is ready for shipping.

Precision Sizing

Our experienced cutting and sizing specialists will produce quality poultry products according to your unique specifications. Hand sizing allows us to meet even the most rigid specifications and increases yields compared to mechanical sizing. Fresh portions are the backbone of our business, and we are experts at producing ready to cook perfectly portioned poultry.


Increase the value of your meat products with efficient and convenient marination services by Gemstone Foods.

Individually Quick Freezing (IQF)

Gemstone offers efficient IQF services for a variety of poultry products that retain the quality of the meat. We provide flexible options so that we can individually freeze any type of marinated or non-marinated poultry product, including wings, breasts, tenders, and more.


We offer a variety of standard and specialty fresh and frozen packaging options to suit every customer’s needs, including combos, bulk box, CVP, and bagged.